Rabat – Ramadan in Morocco will begin on Tuesday, the Moroccan Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Endowment said in a statement on Sunday night.The Ministry said the committees in charge deciding the beginning of the month of Ramadan were able to sight the crescent of the holy month.Earlier on Sunday, several Muslims countries announced that Monday marks the beginning of Ramadan. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, Iraq, Yemen, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and Jordan announced that Monday would be the of the holy month.The announcement made by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Endowment confirms the statement by the same ministry on Friday. In the statement, the competent authorities said that the calculated results of the administrative Calendar show that the crescent of the month of Ramadan 1437 AH will not be sighted on the evening of Sunday, Sha’ban 29, 1437 AH corresponding to June 5 2016.The Ministry has unusually announced the beginning of Ramadan with two hours of delay.Morocco relies on special committees across the country to monitor the sighting of the moon, in line with the Prophet’s saying: “Fast when you see the crescent and break the fast when you see it; if it is not apparent, then make the month of Sha’ban thirty days.” read more