Rabat – The signing ceremony of the inter-Libyan political agreement will be held on Thursday at 11.00 am at the Mohammed VI conference center in Skhirat, 40 km south of Rabat.The agreement provides for the formation of a national union government to bring Libya out of the crisis which broke out 3 years ago following the toppling of leader Muammar Kaddafi.Morocco had hosted several UN-sponsored rounds of talks. Moroccan minister of foreign affairs and cooperation, Salaheddine Mezouar, had stressed that the agreement will help Libya “enter the phase of reconstruction and establish institutions capable of securing stability, as well as national cohesion and unity preservation”.Mezouar, who was speaking on the sidelines of the Rome international conference on Libya held last Sunday in Rome, noted that Morocco played “an extremely important facilitation role to get Libyan parties closer”, adding that Morocco “is also a country driven by the only concern to see the success of the process between Libyan parties in order to preserve the future of Libya”.The Libyan delegation to the Rome conference had also expressed “gratefulness” to Morocco for its efforts to facilitate dialogue between the Libyan parties.“We would like to express our gratefulness to the Moroccan King, people and government for the efforts they have made for almost a year to promote an atmosphere of dialogue and understanding between Libyans”, said Salah Al-Makhzoum, deputy speaker of the   General National Congress of Libya.with MAP read more