first_imgStay on target Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Today is the day many of us have waited for! That’s right, Spider-Man is finally available for everyone to buy on PlayStation 4. As I said in my review, this is a spectacular game. We’ve seen and played many Spider-Man titles over the years, but this Insomniac Games developed Spidey adventure is easily the best one ever released. It not only has brilliant combat and traversal mechanics, but it also has a strong emphasis on Peter Parker and his world. The game easily surpasses any and all expectations. It is the ultimate Spider-Man gaming experience.Spider-Man is a relatively accessible title. For the most part, you’re able to jump into the game and have a good time. It generally does a nice job of explaining all of its various mechanics. With that said, there’s nothing wrong with a little guidance. That’s where we come in. Below, we outline several things to keep in mind during the first few hours. Take these as suggestions since it’s best to chart your own course. But if you want to get the most out of the game, I think these helpful tips will enhance your experience.You’re Spider-Man, Not BatmanSpider-Man and the Batman Arkham games have similar combat mechanics. Both heroes are able to bounce around from enemy to enemy and unleash a series of quick strikes. They also have a sixth sense which warns them whenever a foe is about to land an attack. Though the combat systems share common elements, they aren’t exactly the same. If you try to fight the same way you would in Batman Arkham, you won’t last long.Spider-Man is an extremely fast and agile hero thanks to his spider powers. He also has a wide array of gadgets and abilities. To get the most out of combat, players should remember to use as many of these as possible. Never stay in one spot, or the bad guys will get the drop on you. Eliminate goons with firearms immediately. Use the environment and enemy weapons against them. Web up bigger thugs so you can deal with the riff raff. And of course, don’t ignore your spider-sense. It’ll save your bacon more than you realize.While there are certain rules to follow, the combat system is designed in a way that allows players to express themselves. Experiment with various techniques to see which gadgets and abilities suit you best. Also, don’t get discouraged if you die. Take that as an opportunity to get better. Spider-Man is challenging, but it’s always fair. With time and a little bit of patience, you’ll soon master combat.Do the side missionsLike most open-world titles, Spider-Man has a load of side quests to complete. These include enemy bases to clear out, combat, stealth, and speed challenges, missions for citizens, and capturing pigeons. That’s right, Spider-Man catches pigeons when he’s off the clock. There are also a ton of collectibles hidden in the world, and of course, random crimes to prevent. If you need a break from the story, there’s plenty of additional content to indulge in.While it might be tempting to forgo doing side quests, it’s best to complete as many as possible. Every quest rewards players with experience points which in turn grants them skill points. These are used to gain new abilities, gadgets, suits, and more. Also, the side quests are just plain fun. They’re different enough where they don’t feel repetitive but short enough to compel you to do more. Doing side quests also gives you a better appreciation for Spider-Man’s world. More so than punching super villains in the face, these side quests feel like things Spider-Man would actually do. Even if it’s catching pigeons.Upgrades are importantYou can unlock a wide range of skills and gadgets by earning experience points or using tokens earned during side quests and main missions. Skill and gadgets give Spidey more options during combat or allow him to web-swing more effectively. Like I said in my review, the game isn’t stingy with experience points. This means you’ll frequently have access to new skills and gadgets. This not only makes the game easier, but keeps it from becoming too repetitive since you’ll always have new tricks to try out.Skills are broken down into three parts. Innovator skills mostly focus on web-based abilities. They let you web up foes from perches, grab their weapons with your webs, use them as wrecking balls, and more. Defender allows Spidey to dodge attacks, slow time down after dodging, gain extra focus to perform special attacks, strike the ground to stun multiple enemies, and more. Webslinger lets Spider-Man get around the city faster, but it also has a couple of web-based attacks.Gadgets are pretty neat. You can upgrade your web shooters or enhance them to shoot impact and electric webs. Both of those upgrades are great for incapacitating large crowds. Then there are gadgets like the web bomb, spider drones, trip mines, suspension matrix, and a concussive blast. Like the aforementioned web shooter enhancements, these gadgets also help with crowd control.In all honesty, it’s best to unlock everything equally. You get more out of the game when you have a large repertoire of abilities at your disposal. Of course, you’ll need to have the appropriate amount of tokens and skill points to unlock abilities. If you want to focus on specific abilities, that’s all well and good. But I highly suggest you just go down the line of each skill or gadget tree and unlock everything as it becomes available.Visit radio towersMost open-world games have towers for players to climb. Spider-Man is no different. Every section of Manhattan has at least one radio tower in it. Once there, you’re able to view more of the map after completing a mini-game. You’ll see items of interest such as side missions, collectibles, and random crimes. All of those give you experience points and tokens, so it’s best to unlock as many towers as possible early on. There’s a lot to see and do so you definitely don’t want to have any dark areas on your map.Keep in mind that you cannot unlock every single tower at the beginning. The game keeps you cordoned off to specific areas in the early portions. However, it doesn’t take long before you’re free to visit every corner of the city. That’s when you should go nuts and find every tower. Even if a sector’s map is dark, you’re still able to see its respective towers. So go out there and open up the entire map to see everything there is to do.Clothes make the (spider) manSpider-Man gets a fancy new costume in this game, but that isn’t the only suit available. As you progress, you’ll unlock new costumes. Some are based on existing suits from comics and movies while others are unique to the game. In addition to making Spider-Man look stylish, each costume comes has its own special ability. Most give you a specific combat ability, but some allow you to get around easier or find hidden items in the world. Some are kind of goofy, but every costume is worth having.The best part is that you can mix different costumes and abilities. For example, you can wear Spider-Man’s classic outfit but use the abilities associated with the Iron Spider suit. This gives players a great deal of freedom. They can appear how they want and still use their preferred abilities. This goes back to what I said about the importance of side quests. If you want to unlock every suit, you’ll have to complete most side missions. Trust me, it’s well worth your time.Need more Spider-Man right now? See what Marvel Comics has in store for Peter and friends this year. Catch up on all the updates for Far From Home while it’s still in production. Find out why we are so excited for Into the Spider-Verse. 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