first_imgHollywood’s iron defense against those that would “steal” their property had offered several years of security. The HDMI system, complete with HDCP security had, been the seemingly impenetrable fortress that everyone had hoped and feared it would be. Until recently anyway, as the encryption had been broken in much the same way as had been originally hypothesized by Princeton University’s Ed Felten back in 2006. It’s been just about a month since the hack has been discovered, and strangely enough, neither HDMI, Intel, or Hollywood has made much of a fuss about it. Recently, I was able to sit down with a representative from HDMI, and I just had to ask!At the recently passed CES pre-press event in NYC, HDMI Licensing LLC. was among the many presenters touting this years newest in goodies that are featuring their technology. When asked if the company was at all concerned about the hack, I was met with a shrug and a simple:Well, that’s really Intel’s problem, not ours. They are the ones who maintain and implement that standard. While not exactly an answer I was looking for, he continued, stating that the only reason Intel or HDMI would become concerned was in the instance that Hollywood became concerned. He furthered his lack of concern when he insisted that “specialized, home made hardware” would be needed to take advantage of the hack, not something that people would be buying in stores, like a dual tape VCR.I thanked them for their time, but walked away stunned at the misunderstanding. Specialized hardware? It seems to me that any video card with 1GB of RAM and a decent sized hard drive would be able to fully take advantage of such a hack, and those things aren’t even remotely hard to find.The HDMI rep was unable to speculate as to whether or not the hack would slow down the proposed plan to release certain movies straight to some sort of On Demand system once they left the theatre, but if the guys in Hollywood are as blissfully ignorant as the team at HDMI, I expect the pirates of the world would be very happy to see such a system implemented.last_img read more