first_imgThe future may be printed in 3D, but MakerBot Industries doesn’t want guns to be any part of it. In the wake of the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting, MarkerBot has taken the step of removing gun components from an online repository of 3D printing models called Thingiverse. An attorney for MakerBot has confirmed in a statement that the move was made in response to the school shooting.Thingiverse is a place where 3D printing enthusiasts can share objects they have created. Other folks can then download the objects and print them with their own 3D printers. It’s important to realize that there were no fully working guns available for download on Thingiverse, but there has been an ongoing project to make working firearm components. Some of these have actually been tested and found to be working.One of the more prominent files removed from Thingiverse (which is run by MakerBot Industries) is a lower receiver for the AR15 assault rifle. Unlike the barrel or firing pin, the lower receiver is under little stress when the weapon is fired. Tests show that an ABS plastic version of the lower receiver does work, but breaks after a few shots.Removing the gun parts from Thingiverse doesn’t solve the problem. MakerBot has the majority of the burgeoning 3D printing market, but the internet is a big place — some pro-gun rights groups are already working on a new site to host such projects. If something can be done, it will be done.via BBClast_img read more