first_imgDon’t quite remember the Peek mobile email device? Back in 2008 the email-only handset (a TwitterPeek was announced in 2009), was a pretty hot gadget, that is at least among some small parts of the tech crowd and the for non-smartphone users. Others took serious issue with the Peek’s limitations (it couldn’t even handle HTML email), its slow speed, and its keyboard. Now Peek has announced that the company is discontinuing its email and Twitter services –both of which were sold as being “lifetime” — for its devices. It turns out that lifetime meant for the life of Peek’s offering the service, as opposed to the life of the device, the company, or the owner.The company’s CEO, Amol Sarva, noted that it’s just not tenable for them to maintain their US network for the small number of remaining users any longer. The company will focus on software only at this point, moving their business to the cloud and then working with other platforms, including Android. We’ve heard the company will focus on emerging markets, ostensibly where smartphone penetration is limited and mobile email is not ubiquitous.After paying up to $299 for the handset and lifetime service you’d imagine that Peek users would be furious, but I’ve been unable to find much outrage on Twitter, aside from some people like @whipstats asking about the “lifetime” service on his Peek9 . Either there just aren’t that many users left or they’ve restricted their complaints to other platforms. Peek’s forums, which used to live at, seem to have been closed down recently, if Google Cache is to be believed.Peek does not seem to have said anything about the shutdown on their blog, and aside from the statement on Engadget, nor has the CEO. On the company’s Twitter feed they did post this short message:via Engadget.last_img read more