first_imgWhenever a manufacturer releases a new device, there’s the mandatory selection of accessories made available to compliment it. In the case of a tablet, these accessories usually include cases, stands, and cables. For the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung has gone one step further and teamed up to produce a bike mount.Created in partnership with 14 Bike Co. the mount hangs your Galaxy Tab in the middle of a bike frame held securely in a carbon fiber case. Why this doesn’t strike me as a very good idea is because the Tab’s display remains exposed.Allowing access to the screen while in the case may make it more accessible, but what happens if a stone flies up off the road and hits it? Or, you fall off your bike, leave your bike unattended, or it starts raining? There’s also a question mark over why you would want the Tab accessible why your were riding along. Tableting and biking surely isn’t a recommended form of multitasking.At the moment, this is just a concept rather than a readily available accessory. However, 14 Bike Co will provide you with one on special order, apparently. There’s no price listed anywhere, but special order usually translates into very expensive.If you did want a mount on your bike specifically for a tablet, I think it would be a lot more practical, and therefore sell better, if the case offered total protection, had a locking mechanism, and actually hid the fact you had a tablet inside it.Read more at SlashGear, via Geeky Gadgetslast_img read more