David Gilmour Is Playing To The First Pompeii Amphitheatre Audience In Nearly 2,000 Years

first_imgPink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour has been on a tear ever releasing his 2015 solo album, Rattle That Lock. Gilmour recently made headlines for debuting the Meddle classic “One Of These Days” for the first time in his solo career, and the guitarist made another “first time” experience last night – playing in front of an audience at the Anfiteatro Romano Di Pompei in Pompeii, Italy.Floyd fans are sure to know the band’s Live At Pompeii concert, a live performance taped at the ancient Roman amphitheater on the volcano-covered island of Pompeii in October of 1971. That concert was unique, in that it was not played in front of an audience. Tonight, however, Gilmour will host thousands for the first performance with an audience at the venue in almost two thousand years – since the volcano erupted in 59 AD. What an honor!Gilmour’s concert is currently underway, with the Pink Floyd man opening with “5 A.M.” and “Rattle That Lock” to a delighted audience. We’ll be sure to update as the concert continues, but such a milestone performance could not go unrecognized!Update: Gilmour busted out “Great Gig In The Sky” for the first time in 10 years! Check out the setlist, which is continually being updated, below.Edit this setlist | More David Gilmour setlistsCheck out some posts from fans at the venue: [Cover photo via caniodica/Twitter]last_img

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