Trump Revives Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines

first_imgYesterday, President Trump signed orders to renegotiate the much-debated Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines. These orders do not finalize the projects, but they do indicate that the administration plans to approve them. This is in keeping with Trump’s campaign promise to endorse the building of these pipelines.Last year, President Obama rejected the Keystone pipeline to demonstrate the United States’ stand on climate change. Later in November, Obama made a similar decision on the Dakota pipeline, stating that further research had to be done on the environmental impacts of the pipeline.In a statement given during the signing of the executive order, President Trump said the building of the pipe would bring jobs to Americans.“We’re going to put a lot of … steel workers back to work,” Trump said. “We’ll build our own pipelines, we will build our own pipes.”Read more here.last_img

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