Colombian Army Delivers Hard Blow to ELN

first_img Colombian Army troops delivered a catastrophic blow against the National Liberation Army (ELN) guerilla in southwest Colombia on March 30. Aka “Omar” or “Homero”, known as leader of the ELN, was taken down. He also served as confidant and finance chief to cohort aka “Yimmi” or “El Gato” (The Cat), the principal leader of the organization’s Manuel Vázquez Castaño front. During the operation, the Army troops carried out combat missions against members of the ELN’s ‘Camilo Cienfuegos’ company, in the Sierra municipality of Cauca department. The blow managed to break down the terrorist group, and 10 rifles, a 40mm grenade launcher, two 9mm pistols, ammunition, antipersonnel mines, fragmentation grenades, National Police and Military uniforms, as well as seven computers were seized. By Dialogo April 02, 2013 Homero had been part of this structure for 17 years, and his main responsibilities included purchasing coca paste, extortion, recruiting minors, kidnapping, and collecting fees in the municipalities of Vega, Sierra, Bolívar and their surrounding areas. As a result of the confrontation, two terrorists were killed. last_img

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