The Rundown – June 2013

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York 1. WEAR THE GREAT GATSBYAnyone can see the movie or read the book, but draping themselves in the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald takes fandom to a whole new level. Every inch of this T-shirt from Litographs is covered in text from this classic Long Island novel. Designed by artist Danny Fein, 75,000 words were manually screen-printed onto the garment. While every page could not be squeezed onto the shirt, there’s enough there to keep yourself entertained for at least a few hours.2. TRAVEL WITH  GEOGUESSR1. Go to 2. Get virtually tossed onto the streets of a random area around the world via Google Maps street view. 3. Click your mouse to walk around, zoom in on signs, look at the area and figure out where in the world you are. Sound hard? It is.3. YOUTUBE “DOG CRIES WHILE WATCHING THE LION KING”The caption says it all: “It’s OK dog, that scene gets everyone.” Watch this adorable puppy get choked up while watching a sad scene from The Lion King in this viral video. Then watch it again.4. GET COFFEE AT GEORGIO’SStarbucks. Dunkin’. 7-Eleven. Those are the go-to coffee places for most of Long Island. But tucked away just off Route 110 on New Highway in Farmingdale is a coffee wonderland stocked with fresh-made brews from around the world. Sacks of beans line the walls and all sorts of insane coffee-brewing gadgets that look like they sprung out of Willy Wonka’s factory stand behind the counter ready to make you the best cup of Joe you’ve ever had in your life. It’s beautiful. And addictive.5. MAKE YOUR TUXEDO CAT LEGIT“If only my tuxedo cat had a bow tie…” you often wonder. Problem solved. Add some new options to your kitty’s wardrobe with’s new black removable bow tie that can be put on or taken off depending on what look your cat is going for that day.6. GOOGLE “ATARI BREAKOUT”Google’s latest “Easter Egg” game celebrates the 37th birthday of the classic 1970s brick game, Breakout, right in your browser. Just do a Google Image search for “Atari Breakout” and the tiled image results form layers of bricks and a bouncing ball appears on the bottom of your screen that can be controlled with your mouse or arrow keys.7. VISIT RED, YELLOW & BLUEOrly Genger’s installation transforms Madison Square Park with 1.4 million feet of layered, painted, and hand-knotted rope that turns the New York City park’s lush lawns into colorfully-lined chambers. It’s on display through Sept. 8.8. DOWNLOAD TETRIS BLITZWhat’s old is new again! Children of the ’80s you can now race against the clock in a two-minute sprint to clear lines and rack up points right on your smart phone or play on Facebook. Prepare to be addicted.9. ATTEND FRIENDLY’S BURGER BASHOn Sunday, June 9, Friendly’s will host a Burger Bash at its Massapequa Park restaurant where the top three contestants of its “Build Your Own Burger” Contest will make their original burger creations for a panel of local celebrity judges.10. PLAY BEJEWELED IRLIn this real-world version of Bejeweled, swap and match gems and earn coins by matching three or more. The set includes 84 regular gems, seven power gems, 70 scoring coins, a bag and game base.last_img

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