Ilija Brajković, Contra: Instargam and video are “must have” channels in tourism advertising

first_imgAdvertising – such a simple and complex word or rather a process consisting of many elements. Today, more than ever, advertising is simpler, and yet more complicated, because there is more and more noise in communication and it is more and more difficult to reach, ie visibility towards a specific target group. An interesting paradox, isn’t it?As the mantra that marketing is a cost and not an investment is still wrong in our country, changes in this field are slow and we are far behind Europe, although we are already a wholesaler in the european union. But slowly, this perception is changing, and tourism is one of the sectors that has always followed new trends and technologies, including advertising. As Ilija Brajković, co-owner, points out digital agency Kontra tourism is a driver of digital development because tourism professionals have realized that digital is the best form of advertising in a highly competitive market.Today not being present digitally, especially in tourism, is a sure direction of doom. Also, as many tools are free, and so are social networks that bring the masses together, it is often thought that everything can be done for free, ie without hiring professionals. And there’s a big mistake, if you don’t realize it yourself, you will understand soon when you put the key in the lock. “Today, being present on social media is a matter of personal hygiene, as is owning a website. Anyone who is serious about tourism no longer thinks about it. It is almost impossible to communicate on all networks – there are dozens of them, and in tourism we should focus on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. ”Brajković points out.Ilija Brajkovic, KontraThat video is a “must have” medium and communication today is also confirmed by Brajković, who points out that he is currently video rastura in all segments. ”Facebook is fighting YouTube for advertiser favor and currently the price of video advertising is very low. The same thing is with YouTube, right now we have one YouTube campaign for a client where the cost of viewing is 0.03kn”Brajković pointed out. We often talk about the reach of posts, which of course often depends on a lot of elements, but with Page pages, officially or not, it is definitely noticeable that the reach has dropped drastically in the past year. to use FB paid advertisements to increased reach. On the one hand logical on the FB side, while on the other hand the impression is that the reach has been reduced too much ”The story of reducing reaction is constantly dragging on. Realistically, the reach is 5% -20%, depending on the page, but we can generally round it to 10%.”Says Brajković.Apart from video, tourism is strong today present Instagram, you could even say that at the moment young people are much more active on Instagram, and pictures and videos sell everything. “Facebook has created a monster out of Instagram, and tourism has perfect content on Instagram. The problem is that Instagram is not easy, the community is demanding and extra effort is needed to achieve measurable results. ” Brajković points out. Of course, if you are “small”, you can always educate yourself and start, you have a lot of free content on the Internet from which you can learn a lot about the basics and how to start. Just one about Facebook advertising was published by the digital agency Kontra, which you can download HERE, but you need to be aware that this is just the basics and that you will not go far or be efficient, especially at a higher level where you expect concrete sales effects.That is why there are professionals, who specialize in each segment separately, that it has gone far and if you want to be successful you have to specialize, and no one can specialize in everything. We are known as a country with a million football coaches and coaches, everyone knows everything, but today to be successful in digital business is certainly much harder than just running a Facebook page and posting pictures. There are professionals whose job is just to run FB pages as community managers, that they have come so far in specialization.To trivialize, a professional photographer costs money and you can always photograph your own apartment, but again from the other side you will have less sale because people look at pictures when searching apartments. You can always create a website on as well as open and run it yourself Fabecook profile, but gold is the rule as much as you invest so much you get, not to mention trust and credibility. In the end, Brajković points out three main tips for advertising on Facebook “The first is how don’t just blindly boost posts. Others to define a sales funnel, understand how your guests buy your services and adapt accordingly; Facebook cannot be expected to be the primary sales channel for selling accommodation, but as a support. And Lastly, be sure to use remarketing.”Concludes Brajković.To conclude, the noise in communication is never greater and you get a second of attention like the holy grail of the whole story, and that is action, ie making a sale is never harder. And that there will always be someone who will charge less and cheaper, but don’t just look at the price but the best price-quality ratio with the main focus on quality within the framework you can invest. If you still think marketing is a cost and something irrelevant, imagine why then Coca-Cola, which literally the whole world knows, is still rapidly being advertised and communicated. Obviously there is something in that marketing.Ultimately, it costs you nothing to send an informative offer to professionals. You have nothing to lose, you can only profit.last_img

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