Ultimate Loser

first_imgWhen reminiscing with a high school friend recently, he recalled a pitching incident in which the batter certainly became the ultimate loser.  The batter was crowding the plate so the pitcher decided to throw an inside breaking ball to get the batter off the plate.  With the ball bearing in on the batter, he subsequently turned toward the ball instead of away from it.After being struck by the ball, which landed in his ribs, he fell to the ground totally stunned.  After he finally got up and headed toward first base, he was called back to the plate.  During his time on the ground trying to recover, the pitcher’s coach argued that he had swung at the ball when he turned toward the pitcher instead of away from him.  The umpire agreed!  Not only did he not get to first base, but he was called out on strikes.  Where is instant replay when you need it?last_img

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