Jovic’s Berbatov: “When you are young you think a lot of nonsense”

first_imgDimitar Berbatov, legend of Manchester United or Tottenham and ambassador of Betfair, wished that Luka Jovic, striker of Real Madrid, is not taking its toll on the fame of playing in a top club like white. “Look, I’m from the Balkans like him,” the Bulgarian began to explain. “I know perfectly well that sometimes we like to live too long, so I hope that all that success, that his signing for Real Madrid has not gone to his head, because that can be very dangerous for a young player like him. He needs to be disciplined ”, the former striker started.Berbatov does not speak for the sake of speaking. He knows what is being said because he himself went through, he confesses, a similar situation. “I was at Bayer Leverkusen, I was the same age as Jovic and I was playing Ulf Kirsten, who was God in Leverkusen, one of the best strikers in the history of Germany. And I was in that thinking position, but why the hell am I not playing? I deserve it, I demand to play, ”continued the Betfair ambassador.“And of course, you start thinking a lot of nonsense because you are young and you think you know everything. But with a little patience, hard work and good people around you to tell you the truth, you go out. That helps, ”Berbatov indirectly advised Jovic. “That is a solution to your case. The other, if you want to play immediately, is to leave on loan. If Jovic wants that, play now, I imagine him being very useful in a handful of Premier League teams, “Berbatov said. “Jovic is an extraordinary choice for many clubs in England.”“Benzema is one of the most underrated strikers”Because, Berbatov insists, Jovic is good. Very good. But you have a huge hurdle ahead. “Don’t forget that his competition is Benzema. Benzema, for me, is one of the most underrated players in world football at the moment. He scores so many goals and yet he is not given the recognition he deserves,” defended the former striker. Gallic.“That is why it is so difficult for Jovic, because he has the Frenchman in front of him. I only hope that when Zidane gives Luka a new opportunity, he will take advantage of it, score goals and leave as he did in Germany. Because if not, I insist, you only have two options: either continue working or go to England or any other place where you can play ”, settled the Betfair ambassador.last_img

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