first_imgRayan Cherki, a 16-year-old Olympique de Lyon player, He shows both self-confidence moving between the lines and openly talking about his future on his club’s own television. It is not the first time that he verbalizes his interests and publicly opts for a club of the future, two months ago he was given a choice between Barcelona and Real Madrid … And he chose the white team.“My dream is to play for Real Madrid”, Cherki has said again in a television interview with his own club, Olympique de Lyon, while playing mini-ping pong relaxed. The attacking midfielder’s plan is to sign as soon as possible with the club of his dreams, to continue on loan for two more years at Olympique de Lyon until he becomes of age, and then to join Real Madrid to continue developing his career.A feasible project, in fact in the French media already published that Real Madrid have a preferential right for Cherki. Therefore, if Olympique receives an offer for their player, the white team could match it and keep the Franco-Algerian rights. He also says in the interview that one of his career goals is to win the Golden Ball. Ligue 1’s big revealIn full adolescence, Cherki has already played 24 professional matches at Olympique Lyon, scoring 9 goals and handing out 3 assists (he debuted last season). But apart from his good numbers, Cherki has dazzled in France for his quality, his skill, his speed with the ball, his overflow and his personality. He looks like a veteran in the body of a kid.In recent years, especially with the presence of Zidane on the bench or staff, France has become the best white club quarry: Benzema, Varane, Mendy and Areola They form an important nucleus within the white wardrobe, plus Hazard and Courtois, French-speaking Belgians. Now sound Cherki, who openly declares himself a Real Madrid player, and Eduardo Camavinga, another promising player who plays in the midfield of Rennes.With the coronavirus crisis in the background, the world of football totally stopped and other teams like United, PSG, Barcelona and Juventus lurking we will have to wait to know the future of these future world soccer stars, but Cherki has already made it very clear, to the world and to his own club: “I want to play for Real Madrid.”last_img read more

first_imgDimitar Berbatov, legend of Manchester United or Tottenham and ambassador of Betfair, wished that Luka Jovic, striker of Real Madrid, is not taking its toll on the fame of playing in a top club like white. “Look, I’m from the Balkans like him,” the Bulgarian began to explain. “I know perfectly well that sometimes we like to live too long, so I hope that all that success, that his signing for Real Madrid has not gone to his head, because that can be very dangerous for a young player like him. He needs to be disciplined ”, the former striker started.Berbatov does not speak for the sake of speaking. He knows what is being said because he himself went through, he confesses, a similar situation. “I was at Bayer Leverkusen, I was the same age as Jovic and I was playing Ulf Kirsten, who was God in Leverkusen, one of the best strikers in the history of Germany. And I was in that thinking position, but why the hell am I not playing? I deserve it, I demand to play, ”continued the Betfair ambassador.“And of course, you start thinking a lot of nonsense because you are young and you think you know everything. But with a little patience, hard work and good people around you to tell you the truth, you go out. That helps, ”Berbatov indirectly advised Jovic. “That is a solution to your case. The other, if you want to play immediately, is to leave on loan. If Jovic wants that, play now, I imagine him being very useful in a handful of Premier League teams, “Berbatov said. “Jovic is an extraordinary choice for many clubs in England.”“Benzema is one of the most underrated strikers”Because, Berbatov insists, Jovic is good. Very good. But you have a huge hurdle ahead. “Don’t forget that his competition is Benzema. Benzema, for me, is one of the most underrated players in world football at the moment. He scores so many goals and yet he is not given the recognition he deserves,” defended the former striker. Gallic.“That is why it is so difficult for Jovic, because he has the Frenchman in front of him. I only hope that when Zidane gives Luka a new opportunity, he will take advantage of it, score goals and leave as he did in Germany. Because if not, I insist, you only have two options: either continue working or go to England or any other place where you can play ”, settled the Betfair ambassador.last_img read more

first_imgThe biggest problem will be for those who finish June 30 and are still looking for a destination. They are the most in a hurry because when this season ends and they want to negotiate they will have to do so at a disadvantage since 20-21, having to be shorter, will allow clubs to negotiate downwards and the economy will be very weakened by the loss of income due to the effects of COVID-19. In addition, foreigners who end on June 30 have a plus and there could also be trouble with them: their tax withholding is less and any expansion beyond the gross initially agreed may be a serious correction by the Treasury.While the calm arrives, the different organisms are remembering their intentions. FIFA drops its wish: “Contracts normally end at the end of the season and the season end date coincides with the expiration date of the contract. It is proposed that the contracts be extended until the time the season actually ends.” The new transfer window will open there and not before. The RFEF clings to its general regulations in point 125: “The licenses will have the same duration as the footballer’s commitment, whether or not contractual, with the club.” AFE shows battle: “A systematized extension would produce a violation of the rights of the worker if it were not a decision of the signatory parties negotiated individually, as a single act, each of those contracts. It would lead to challenges in the courts.” LaLiga is convinced that the law is clear and is on the side of the clubs considering that the contracts are signed, as provision of services, by season and not “from such day to such day”. Annexes to the laws are not expected as a solution and all parties believe that “good will is needed.” Something that, with the division that exists in Spanish football, seems difficult to achieve.LaLiga advised clubs on contractsThe doubts are such that yesterday, in the legal-labor consultancy that LaLiga offers weekly to the clubs, the questions focused on contracts. ERTEs already seem clear. Although the star issue remains behind the return to training and competition on the priority list, it is something that the presidents want to tie for peace of mind, especially for the coaches. To this end, what FIFA says to its 210 federations was clarified at the meeting: “If a contract expires on the original end date of the season, said expiration must be extended until the new end date. If a contract begins on the date of Original start of next season, this start should be postponed until the new date. If there is an overlap, priority will be given to the previous club. ” And even the RFEF regulation in point 116.2: “A footballer may be enrolled in a single club, without the possibility of being discharged and discharged by it in the course of the same season (speaks of season and not specific dates) except in cases of force majeure or regulatory provision. ” Even so, what most reassures most leaders are the words of lawyers like Santi Nebot, who worked five years at AFE and now advises many clubs. In the middle of a drip from ERTE and a reduction in wages, in the midst of controversy between the Federation, LaLiga and AFE over the Audios case and while protocols are formalized and unveiled for the return to normality, there is a problem that is ongoing, entrenched , and that has the world of soccer very tense: what will happen to the contracts that expire on June 30 (almost 400) if it is necessary to extend this season beyond that date. As AS has learned, the solution is closer. Clubs and footballers in Spain have started negotiations, successfully and on a case-by-case basis, to find a pact that satisfies all parties. And they are doing it without the interventions of Thebes and Aganzo, who met again yesterday (today more) and who will simply be able to advise their associates. In several entities, First and Second, agreements have been reached to extend the contracts until the last official match of the 2019-20 academic year is played. In most cases, maintaining current economic conditions and setting a date from which there could be compensation if the championship were to lengthen too long.This is the path that institutions and footballers hope to travel in all corners of the country, while lawyers are deciphering national and international regulations, sports and labor, and interpreting the messages of the RFEF (opts for expansion) and the recommendations of FIFA, which is just that, recommendations, since it has no powers in the labor contracts between club and player. There are four on the tablethree scenarios that worry presidents and for which, according to union sources, “it will be necessary to go contract by contract reading the fine print as there is no single model”, assuming the risk that a footballer may break the deck and stand, the clubs having to resort to the clauses of rescission or to the request for damages. They have the pan by the handle. In fact, there are clubs that have yielded more than expected with the current cuts in the ERTE in case in summer they should ask those affected by the contracts the favor of having to continue, even practically free.One of the cases to study is that of the loan. According to the lawyers consulted, there should be no greater problem with them. They will remain in their current team until the end of the season and will join the next one at the beginning of the next one. This is what FIFA says. The only question that arises is who will pay them in the extension period. It will depend on the cases, because some are currently paid by the club that bought them, in others the entity to which they get a loan does it, and in some more expenses are shared. The plan is that the signed agreement that prevails today will be valid until this campaign is terminated.With the footballers who were bought and end their contract, a distinction must be made. There are those who have an agreement with another club (they can negotiate since last January 1 as free agents) and those who have not yet found accommodation. The former, like those on loan, must finish at their current club and will not be released with their new teammates until the 2020-21 season begins, whenever. And they will not have problems with their emoluments. They will charge what is agreed and even an extra if this course is necessary, even if it is in 13 or 14 payments and not 12, and they also have insured what has been signed with the following club but receiving it in 10 or 11 months instead of one year because the next calendar will have to be cut.last_img read more

first_imgThe second of the chosen ones will be Carles Aleñá, to whom they would not put too many impediments at first, since since winter he has been playing on loan at Betis due to the overbooking of midfielders. Barça loves him, but not all fit him and taking into account that Riqui Puig is finishing sticking his head out in the first team, it could be expendable. Barcelona could see favorably take a crack as Lautaro in exchange for two footballers without too much weight on the roster and presumably an economic injection, while the Italians would be reinforced with two good level footballers at the same time that they would fill their coffers. If we add to this that the will of nine is to play alongside Leo Messi, it seems that both clubs are condemned to understand each other. 24 10 Negotiations between Barcelona and Inter Milan for Lautaro Martínez continue, although they advance slowly. The Italian club does not want to let its star out for less than 111 million of its termination clause unless the Catalans detach two players of their interest to make the operation cheaper. And if a few days ago a long list of names was shuffled that would interest Italians, among whom were players of the stature of Antoine Griezmann, Junior Firpo, Marc Cucurella or Arthur Melo (who dismissed himself saying that his time in Barcelona had not ended), Now it seems that they have chosen the two footballers they want, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport. The first is Nelson Semedo. The right back is a starter in the team but has the transfer label, so it would not be a problem to include him in the agreement as long as the Portuguese is happy with his new destination. Of course, Barça would have to look for a right side of guarantees, since Sergi Roberto You can fill that position, but there’s not much more to choose from. twolast_img read more

first_imgTo initiate change, goals are essential. Goals motivate behavioural change and provide a plan of action. Goals are most effective when they are: 1 Well planned. Only with a well-conceived action plan will you attain your goal. You should also write specific objectives to help you reach each goal. The specific objectives are the steps required to reach a goal. For example, a goal might be to achieve recommended body weight. Several specific objectives could be to: (a) Lose an average of one pound or one fat percentage point per weeks. (b) Monitor body weight before breakfast every morning. (c) Assess body composition every two week. (d) Limit fat intake to less than 25 per cent of total calories. (e) Eliminate all pastries from the diet during this time. (f) Exercise in the proper target zone for 45 minutes, five times per week. 2 Personalised. Goals that you set for yourself are more motivational than goals that someone else sets for you. 3 Written. An unwritten goal is simply a wish. A written goal, in essence, becomes a contract with yourself. You can show this goal to a friend or instructor and have him or her witness the contract you made with yourself by signing alongside your signature. 4 Realistic. Goals should be within reach. For example if your current weight is 190 pounds and your target weight is 140 pounds, setting a goal to lose 50 pounds, in two months would be unsound, if not impossible. Unattainable goals lead to discouragement and loss of interest. At times problems may arise, even with realistic goals. Try to anticipate potential difficulties, as much as possible, and plan for ways to deal with them. For example, if your goal is to jog for 30 minutes on six consecutive days, what are the alternatives if the weather turns bad? Possible solutions are, to jog in the rain, jog at a different time of day when the weather improves, find an indoor area to jog or to participate in a different aerobic activity. 5 Embrace with positive thoughts. Visualise and believe in your success. As difficult as some tasks may seem, where there is a will, there is a way. A plan of action will help you achieve your goals. 6 Short term and long term. If the long-term goal is to attain recommended body weight, and you are 50 pounds overweight, you might set a short-term goal of losing 10 pounds. Write specific objectives to accomplish this goal. The immediate task will not seem as overwhelming and would be easier. 7 Measurable. Whenever possible, goals and objectives should be measurable. For example, to lose weight is not measurable. If the goal is to achieve recommended body weight, this implies lowering your body weight (fat) to the recommended per cent body fat standard. To be more descriptive, the goal should be reworded to read ‘reduce body weight to 22 per cent body fat’ also note that all the sample specific objectives in item one above are measurable. For instance, you can figure out easily whether you are losing a pound per week, you can conduct a nutrient analysis to assess your average fat intake, or you can monitor your weekly exercise sessions to make sure you are meeting this specific objective. 8 Time-specific. A goal should have a specific date set for completion. The chosen date should be realistic, but not too distant in the future. With a deadline, a task is much easier to work towards. 9 Monitored. Monitoring your progress as you move towards a goal reinforces behaviour. Keeping an exercise log or doing a body-composition assessment periodically enables you to determine your progress at any given time. 10 Evaluated. Periodic re-evaluation is vital for success. You may find that a goal may be unreachable. If so, reassess the goal. On the other hand, if a goal is too easy, you may lose interest and stop working towards it. Once you achieve a goal, set a new one to improve on or maintain what you have achieved. Goals keep you motivated. Recognise you will face obstacles and will not always meet your goals. Use setbacks and learn from them. Rewrite your goal and create a plan that will help you get around self-defeating behaviours in the future.last_img read more

first_img STILL HAS MORE GOALS EYEING THREE-PEAT Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce says she is not thinking about retirement just yet as she sets her focus on Olympic gold next year and breaking the 10.70-second barrier in the 100m. The reigning Olympic and World champion underlines that she is fully focused on repeating her Olympic success at next year’s Games in Rio de Janeiro, adding that she is also looking to continue making an impact through charity. “I am focused on the process – the journey,” said Fraser-Pryce, who turns 29 on December 27, while underlining that she is not thinking about anything beyond the Olympic Games at this point. The three-time World 100m champion and two-time Olympic champion is already considered the best ever at her pet event. “There are still so many more goals I want to accomplish. God willing. If I should get that gold medal, I would have become the first woman to have done so, and that would cement a lot of things for me, so I am looking forward to it because not a lot of persons get a chance to go to an Olympics, so I am grateful for that,” added Fraser-Pryce. She is, however, hoping to improve her current personal best of 10.70 and join Florence Griffith-Joyner (10.49), Carmelita Jeter (10.64), and Marion Jones (10.65) as the only women in history to dip below 10.70 seconds in the 100m. “It (the desire) is still there, but I was talking to my coach about it, and he says he would want me to subconsciously think about it and put pressure on myself because I have run 10.7 so many times, he believes it’s there, and I believe that timing is everything. I continue to put in the work and, God willing, it will happen,” said Fraser-Pryce. Fraser-Pryce has 11 sub-10.80-second clockings in the 100 metres. She is tied with Americans Wyomia Tyus, who won the blue riband sprint in 1964 and 1968, and Gail Devers, in 1992 and 1996, as the only women to have won consecutive Olympic 100-metre titles. If she wins in Rio, she will become the first to secure a three-peat at the Olympics and also the first to win three individual 100 metre titles after her wins in 2008 and 2012. Should the Pocket Rocket accomplish this remarkable feat, Fraser-Pryce, who won two gold medals at the World Championships in August, indicated that it would not necessarily mean the time had come to put the cap on her remarkable career. “I haven’t made any plans yet, but there are other steps that I want to take in my journey. There are other things I want to achieve. I mean, I am defending champion in London 2017, so I might just do 2017 as well,” she said.last_img read more

first_imgHydel High School’s hopes of advancing to the semi-finals of the ISSA/FLOW football competition were dashed by an Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA) ruling yesterday, which docked them three points for using an ineligible player.The challenge was made by Denham Town, following their first-round 0-3 loss to Hydel. They said the Ferry-based school used an ineligible player, Howard Morris, as he had been shown a red card in the preceding FLOW Super Cup game against Clarendon College and should have served at least an automatic one-match suspension.”The boy (Howard Morris) should have missed a game but played. The Disciplinary Committee met and decided that should not have been the case. He should have sat out the match against Denham Town. Denham Town got the three points,” said ISSA’s competition’s officer George Forbes.Denham Town High qualified as the first team through to the semi-finals of the competition as they cannot be caught by any team, even if they lose their remaining group match.Camperdown are also out of the running and can only get a maximum of five points.The result left the Geoffrey Maxwell-coached Hydel with one point from two games.Denham Town’s coach Omar Edwards said: “The rules are quite clear. I am not sure if they got our rule book. The player got a match where he should had a Manning Cup match where he should have served his ban and it could not be next year. They got it wrong.”Hydel’s coach, Geoffrey Maxwell, could not be reached by telephone for a comment yesterday.last_img read more

first_imgLong-serving Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) vice-president Michael Ricketts was unexpectedly ousted from the post at Congress at the JFF office yesterday. Ricketts, the Clarendon Football Association president and South Central confederation chairman, has been replaced by former treasurer Garfield Sinclair. Sinclair now joins St Mary Football Association president Raymond Anderson and St James’ Bruce Gaynor as the association’s three vice-presidents. NEW STATUTE Captain Horace Burrell, the JFF president, said Sinclair’s selection was based on a new statute by FIFA – the sport’s governing body – which requires national football associations to have a vice-president of finance in their administrative set-up. “Mr Ricketts is held in high esteem by the president, and he is still a member of the board. The only thing was that there were only three positions and not four,” said Burrell. “All four (nominees) are valued members of the executive, and in the end, everyone, including Mr Ricketts, felt we had to first go with the vice-president with financial knowledge, as we are handling in excess of half-a-billion dollars, and we voted for one who is versed in financial affairs,” he told The Gleaner.last_img read more

first_imgMELBOURNE, Australia, (CMC):All-rounder Dwayne Bravo snatched the spotlight away from under-fire West Indies teammate Chris Gayle with an electrifying unbeaten half-century, but the knock failed to save Melbourne Renegades from a comprehensive eight-wicket loss in the Melbourne derby here yesterday.In the spotlight for the past week for all the wrong reasons, Gayle managed a run-a-ball 21 at the top of the order, but it was Bravo, with 59 off 37 deliveries, who set the Docklands Stadium alight and propelled Renegades up to 155 for six off their 20 overs.However, Englishman Kevin Pietersen then slammed an unbeaten 67 to guide Melbourne Stars to their target with two overs remaining.The defeat was the Renegades’ fourth, and it left them sixth in the standings on four points, while their city rivals, Stars, are now third on eight points and two points off leaders Adelaide Strikers.Sent in, Renegades lost Tom Cooper to the seventh ball of the game for one with the score on three, but Gayle and captain Cameron Whyte, who hit 29, added 53 off 45 deliveries for the second wicket, to revive the innings.The left-handed Gayle gathered just five runs from his first 12 balls, before exploding in the seventh over with two leg-side sixes off leg-spinner Adam Zampa.His fireworks were short-lived, however, as he eventually holed out to long on off seamer Marcus Stoinis in the ninth over.Whyte perished off the very next delivery, and Renegades lost two more quick wickets to slip to 78 for five in the 13th over, before Bravo arrived to rescue the innings.last_img read more

first_img INNACURATE BALLS JC controlled the first half but were let down by inaccurate final balls from open play and from set pieces. These were uncharacteristically off target by some distance, this in contrast to their opponents, who looked vibrant and up for the challenge throughout the contest. The Hope Road-based JC started the second period brightly but soon fell behind, when McCathy doubled KC’s lead with another stunner. Nine minutes into the half, the big striker received the ball with his back to goal and with no immediate danger in sight, spun, and unleashed a left-foot drive which Johnson could only help into the goal. Minutes later, he forced Johnson into another desperate save from a free-kick. JC kept their heads up and continued to hunt a goal, but KC were well organised and kept them out for most of the game. However, in the last ten minutes, Duhaney Williams had two greats chances, but he failed to beat Jahvanni Grant from inside the area with eight minutes to go. Then in the final moments, he crashed a superb volley against the post and across the face of the goal and out. Although the Walker Cup continues to elude coach Miguel Coley, he lauded the efforts of his players. “The first goal really stunned us … and we gave away two soft goals. It was disappointing, but they got chances, and we got chances, but we didn’t stop playing,” he said. Earlier, in the under-14 final, Tivoli Gardens defeated Kingston College 1-0. Kingston College’s (KC) 16-year wait for a major schoolboy football trophy ended at the National Stadium yesterday when goals from Fabian Grant and Andre McCathy saw them to a 2-0 win over rivals Jamaica College (JC) in the final of the ISSA-FLOW Walker Cup. Coach Ludlow Bernard, who was winning his third Walker Cup title in four seasons (two at Wolmer’s Boys), said despite missing out on the Manning Cup, he was pleased to have the North Street school winning trophies again after more than a decade without success and he said the players deserved all the praise. “I am glad for the players. They are the ones who really wanted this, and they came out and worked hard and executed,” he told The Gleaner. “It’s good to have a trophy back at KC for the first time in 16 years … and a lot of people need to be reminded of that,” he added. Grant stunned the JC support when he fired the ‘Purples’ ahead just 30 seconds, beating Kojay Johnson in goal with a scorcher, which flew into the top corner from 20 metres.last_img read more