first_imgWhile Tristan Allen of catering firm Eurest was working in the kitchen, he yelled out, “We’ve just hit 100,000 meals,” and cheers of delight followed.The staff at the village serve an average of 3,000 people at every meal: breakfast, lunch and dinner.Allen said he was proud of the milestone for everyone involved.“Fantastic achievement for the team and for PNG I think,” Allen said.“It’s really great, a big effort to get everything here and organised. We’re only midway through (the Games) as well so there’s plenty more to come.”He said there had been a long list of challenges that he and his team have had to overcome.“For us, it’s largely a national crew which is a very proud thing for us,” Allen said.“We’ve managed to get in 18 apprentices that we’ve just trained beforehand for six months. We’ve brought them in, so this is their first big gig of cooking, so (they’re) still green and learning.“It’s a real lasting legacy for PNG. Afterwards they’re qualified chefs that can have this under their hat.”With so many people to feed at every meal, Allen said the staff still hasn’t sent anyone home hungry.“We actually had projections for 4,000 (people per meal), so 3,500 to 3,000 per service has helped in a way.”Although he said running the meal services was extremely tiring, things had now settled down.“The first week was the hardest. Now everyone is in the rhythm. I think the energy and the buzz of all the crowd has certainly helped the staff along.”The saving grace: “I get a few hours of sleep in between services now,” Allen added. By James Cowling, Games News Servicelast_img read more

first_imgTo initiate change, goals are essential. Goals motivate behavioural change and provide a plan of action. Goals are most effective when they are: 1 Well planned. Only with a well-conceived action plan will you attain your goal. You should also write specific objectives to help you reach each goal. The specific objectives are the steps required to reach a goal. For example, a goal might be to achieve recommended body weight. Several specific objectives could be to: (a) Lose an average of one pound or one fat percentage point per weeks. (b) Monitor body weight before breakfast every morning. (c) Assess body composition every two week. (d) Limit fat intake to less than 25 per cent of total calories. (e) Eliminate all pastries from the diet during this time. (f) Exercise in the proper target zone for 45 minutes, five times per week. 2 Personalised. Goals that you set for yourself are more motivational than goals that someone else sets for you. 3 Written. An unwritten goal is simply a wish. A written goal, in essence, becomes a contract with yourself. You can show this goal to a friend or instructor and have him or her witness the contract you made with yourself by signing alongside your signature. 4 Realistic. Goals should be within reach. For example if your current weight is 190 pounds and your target weight is 140 pounds, setting a goal to lose 50 pounds, in two months would be unsound, if not impossible. Unattainable goals lead to discouragement and loss of interest. At times problems may arise, even with realistic goals. Try to anticipate potential difficulties, as much as possible, and plan for ways to deal with them. For example, if your goal is to jog for 30 minutes on six consecutive days, what are the alternatives if the weather turns bad? Possible solutions are, to jog in the rain, jog at a different time of day when the weather improves, find an indoor area to jog or to participate in a different aerobic activity. 5 Embrace with positive thoughts. Visualise and believe in your success. As difficult as some tasks may seem, where there is a will, there is a way. A plan of action will help you achieve your goals. 6 Short term and long term. If the long-term goal is to attain recommended body weight, and you are 50 pounds overweight, you might set a short-term goal of losing 10 pounds. Write specific objectives to accomplish this goal. The immediate task will not seem as overwhelming and would be easier. 7 Measurable. Whenever possible, goals and objectives should be measurable. For example, to lose weight is not measurable. If the goal is to achieve recommended body weight, this implies lowering your body weight (fat) to the recommended per cent body fat standard. To be more descriptive, the goal should be reworded to read ‘reduce body weight to 22 per cent body fat’ also note that all the sample specific objectives in item one above are measurable. For instance, you can figure out easily whether you are losing a pound per week, you can conduct a nutrient analysis to assess your average fat intake, or you can monitor your weekly exercise sessions to make sure you are meeting this specific objective. 8 Time-specific. A goal should have a specific date set for completion. The chosen date should be realistic, but not too distant in the future. With a deadline, a task is much easier to work towards. 9 Monitored. Monitoring your progress as you move towards a goal reinforces behaviour. Keeping an exercise log or doing a body-composition assessment periodically enables you to determine your progress at any given time. 10 Evaluated. Periodic re-evaluation is vital for success. You may find that a goal may be unreachable. If so, reassess the goal. On the other hand, if a goal is too easy, you may lose interest and stop working towards it. Once you achieve a goal, set a new one to improve on or maintain what you have achieved. Goals keep you motivated. Recognise you will face obstacles and will not always meet your goals. Use setbacks and learn from them. Rewrite your goal and create a plan that will help you get around self-defeating behaviours in the future.last_img read more

first_img STILL HAS MORE GOALS EYEING THREE-PEAT Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce says she is not thinking about retirement just yet as she sets her focus on Olympic gold next year and breaking the 10.70-second barrier in the 100m. The reigning Olympic and World champion underlines that she is fully focused on repeating her Olympic success at next year’s Games in Rio de Janeiro, adding that she is also looking to continue making an impact through charity. “I am focused on the process – the journey,” said Fraser-Pryce, who turns 29 on December 27, while underlining that she is not thinking about anything beyond the Olympic Games at this point. The three-time World 100m champion and two-time Olympic champion is already considered the best ever at her pet event. “There are still so many more goals I want to accomplish. God willing. If I should get that gold medal, I would have become the first woman to have done so, and that would cement a lot of things for me, so I am looking forward to it because not a lot of persons get a chance to go to an Olympics, so I am grateful for that,” added Fraser-Pryce. She is, however, hoping to improve her current personal best of 10.70 and join Florence Griffith-Joyner (10.49), Carmelita Jeter (10.64), and Marion Jones (10.65) as the only women in history to dip below 10.70 seconds in the 100m. “It (the desire) is still there, but I was talking to my coach about it, and he says he would want me to subconsciously think about it and put pressure on myself because I have run 10.7 so many times, he believes it’s there, and I believe that timing is everything. I continue to put in the work and, God willing, it will happen,” said Fraser-Pryce. Fraser-Pryce has 11 sub-10.80-second clockings in the 100 metres. She is tied with Americans Wyomia Tyus, who won the blue riband sprint in 1964 and 1968, and Gail Devers, in 1992 and 1996, as the only women to have won consecutive Olympic 100-metre titles. If she wins in Rio, she will become the first to secure a three-peat at the Olympics and also the first to win three individual 100 metre titles after her wins in 2008 and 2012. Should the Pocket Rocket accomplish this remarkable feat, Fraser-Pryce, who won two gold medals at the World Championships in August, indicated that it would not necessarily mean the time had come to put the cap on her remarkable career. “I haven’t made any plans yet, but there are other steps that I want to take in my journey. There are other things I want to achieve. I mean, I am defending champion in London 2017, so I might just do 2017 as well,” she said.last_img read more

first_imgA mason was on Wednesday hacked to death during an argument over a woman at a bar-be-que at Mount Sinai, Greater New Amsterdam, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).Dead is 25-year-old Karl McDonald, also called “Karlie” and “Donno”, 25, of High Dam Caracas, Angoy’s Avenue.After receiving the chops about his body, he reportedly fell into a nearby canal and was left there for some time before he was pulled out and taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he died while receiving medical attention.His mother, Loraine McDonald, recalled receiving the news of the chopping and rushed to the scene but her son was already on his way to the hospital.The mother related that her son left home at about 18:00h to attend a bar-be-queDead: Karl Mc Donalda short distance from his home.The suspect has been identified as “Chase” who fled the scene. “He just come from nowhere and start chopping the man and then he run away,” one eyewitness said.Another person who claimed to have been at the bar-b-que said there was a brief argument between the now dead man and the suspect who was carrying a cutlass at the time.McDonald recalled that there was an argument and ultimately a scuffle on Christmas Day between the suspect and two of her nephews.“He went to my nephews who was with this girl who use to be his girlfriend, and then my second son went up to him and apparently some hitting pass and he go away and come back,” the grieving mother said.She added that on Boxing Day, the man returned with a cutlass and approached her nephew. However, her nephew and the girl escaped. The suspect, he noted, then turned his attention to another cousin and he too escaped.“He fire chop at my second nephew and he run away and then he went to my son,” the aggrieved mother stated.McDonald referred to her son as a quiet person. He leaves to mourn two children; ages 6 and 8, his mother and two siblings. Police have launched a manhunt for the suspect.last_img read more

first_img…Guyana still without plan despite EPA promising one by mid-2019Despite Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Head Dr Vincent Adams promising to have the National Oil Spill Contingency Plan finished by mid-2019, Guyana is well into the second half of the year and this critical document is yet to be completed. According to one well-known environmentalist, the absence of this document is worrying.Environmentalist Annette Arjoon-MartinsIn an interview with this publication on Saturday, founder of the Guyana Marine Conservation Society (GMCS) and aviator, Annette Arjoon-Martins spoke about the challenges regarding environmental advocacy and oil.“I’m very outspoken about things I come across, from my own experiences in the marine environment. For example, the fact that we do not have a National Oil Spill Contingency Plan as yet. It is greatly disturbing.”She pointed out that in her experience, having conversations and interacting with oil companies regarding environmental issues is no walk in the park, particularly without a structure in place. Martin stressed the need for independent Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to be able to play their part.“I think it’s imperative that we have some kind of independent effort, so persons like myself and there are many of us, who know [protected areas], how do we have that kind of independent national element, I don’t see a lot of willingness by the oil companies to work with NGOs like myself,” she said.“My experience is we don’t speak the same language as them. We are very independent in our views. So I think they should look at having mechanism to have these conversations… if you’re looking at the monitoring aspect of marine environment, you must have Guyanese organisations that have decades of experience and a physical presence along our coastline. We must be involved in any monitoring programme.”EnvironmentGuyana’s last taste of an environmental disaster was a cyanide spill in 1995. In gold mining, cyanide is used as an extracting agent for the ore. In the case of Guyana’s cyanide spill, the highly poisonous material spilt out of a reservoir into the Essequibo River.Since ExxonMobil announced its oil find in the Liza-1 well in 2015, a pertinent question has been the capacity of the relevant agencies to protect the environment in case of an oil spill. It is a topic that has regularly been raised at public lectures.Previously, President David Granger commissioned Guyana’s first oil spill response operation service at the Gaico Wharf at Nismes, West Bank Demerara – Gaico Oil Spill Response Operation Services. The service was set up as a pre-emptive measure against probable spillage once production commences in the future.The Gaico company began in 1991, with owner Komal Singh working on small construction projects in Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara). At the commissioning, Singh had stated that he had noticed that there are a number of near-misses of oil spills and decided to pursue the avenue of preparing for one in Guyana.“Should there be a spill anywhere we can respond within 24 hours,” he said, adding that the company is in the process of putting together documents to gain approval for an oil spill facility which will collect the contaminated soil and process it.A study by the EPA had found that while an oil spill was possible, factors such as the location of ExxonMobil affiliates’ operations, combined with the region’s water temperature would minimise the effects.On the side of the Government, it is understood that efforts have been underway to train and build capacity in the Natural Resources Ministry. When it comes to the oil spill contingency plan, a workshop was organised in March of this year to work on the draft. Civil Defence Commission (CDC) Head, Colonel Kester Craig was recently quoted saying that the long-overdue plan was almost complete.last_img read more

first_imgThe Institute of Chartered Accountants in Guyana (ICAG) opened its annual conference on Thursday, which saw private and Government stakeholders benefiting from discussions pertaining to the key economic sectors and preparations for the coming years.A section of the gathering at the ICAG conference opening on ThursdayWith the slogan “Guyana 2020 and Beyond: An Examination of the Key Economic Sectors”, the conference focused on developing and prominent industries in the country’s economy and an overview on the progress over the years.Power Producers and Distributors Incorporated (PPDI) Chairman Arron Fraser, in his remarks, noted that Guyana was at a pivotal junction where opportunities were endless, but the only concern was the unpredictability of outcomes.“This conference couldn’t have come at a more opportune time; a time when Guyana is about to enter an epoch of unprecedented opportunities and uncertainty. It is our strong belief that the ICAG should be a significant player in the conversations and deliberations regarding Guyana’s economic future,” Fraser pointed out.The Chairman said that all sectors would be explored during the summit as the stakeholders seek to thrive in their respective fields.“We are fortunate to be able to assemble express from many facets of the economy, including Government agencies, industry regulators and the Private Sector. The multi-focus nature of the conference is intentional as we posit a successful Guyana must have stellar performances in all sectors as an antecedent.”ICAG member Colin Thompson explained that each industry and its requirements would alternate over a period of time.“As we consider “Guyana 2020 And beyond: An Examination of the Key Economic Sectors”, the conference committee has established a diverse with carefully curated sweeter presentations that not only links with the conference theme, but touches on the changes we’re experiencing in the profession,” Thompson stated.Guyana is sailing towards oil extraction in as early as 2020. Speaking about investment, climate and opportunities, Guyana Office for Investment (GO-Invest) CEO Owen Verwey pointed out that partnerships to acquire the relevant skills were important.“For our economy, we know that we’ve never done oil and gas before. Skillsets, resources and many other things are not with us. It’s only fair that we try to ensure that those coming with that partner with some local entity share the knowledge and the experience, so that one day, we’ll be able to do the same.”Verwey announced this encouragement was given not only to the oil sector, but to all that it can be applied. He is of the view that many opportunities are latent in Guyana and remain unexplored.“Many incentives exist in Guyana, not taking advantage of and we have incentives in Guyana more than many of our counterparts in the Region. We have more incentives in our incentive regime than [Trinidad and Tobago]”.Discussions will be held on society changes, modifications that need to be made and worthy investment opportunities. The Sovereign Wealth Fund, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and education tourism were also among the topics.last_img read more

first_imgThe final report on community gaming grants is expected to be finished by Oct. 31. Fort St. John will be one of 14 stops being made by the Province’s Community Gaming Grant reviewer.Skip Triplett was appointed by Premier Christy Clark earlier this month to review the program.- Advertisement -The review is being done to determine how the program is currently operating and people are encouraged to voice their opinions at one of the 14 meetings.The review will examine existing legislation, the current funding formula, organizations’ eligibility to apply for the grants, the process for applying and the government’s role in the grants.The discussions will consider input from charities, community members, local government and industry representatives.The review will be held in Fort St. John on Aug. 23 at the North Peace Cultural Centre.Advertisementlast_img read more

first_imgThe Guyana Amazon Warriors have appointed South African Johan Botha as their Head Coach and current Guyana and West Indies ‘A’ Team Manager Rayon Griffith as Assistant Coach.Rayon Griffith (L) and Esaun Crandon share a light momentBotha has had previous coaching experience with Islamabad United and Multan Sultans at the Pakistan Super League. Botha has also played at the Hero CPL, winning the title with the Trinbago Knight Riders in 2015.As a player, Botha represented South Africa in Tests, ODIs and T20 Internationals, claiming 126 wickets for his country. Griffith has represented the Guyana National Team and the West Indies B side in regional tournaments, and has had a very successful stint as the current Assistant Coach/Manager of the Guyana Jaguars, contributing to them winning the West Indies Four-Day Professional League for four consecutive years.In speaking about his appointment, Botha expressed excitement at the challenge ahead. “I really enjoyed my time with the Hero CPL as a player, and I can’t wait to get underway as a coach. The squad that the Amazon Warriors have put together for this year is really impressive, and I am sure we will be challenging for the title at the end of the season,” he declared.Team and Operations Manager of the Guyana Amazon Warriors, Omar Khan, expressed optimism on Botha’s and Griffith’s appointments. He said: “The management of the franchise puts in continuous effort to do things differently with the aim of winning the title.After getting so close over the years, we are delighted to have Johan and Rayon at the helm of our coaching staff this year. They are both very professional, are very much involved in cricket coaching and development, and are expected to bring new ideas and initiatives to the team set-up.”The new coaches will take charge for the 2018 Hero Caribbean Premier League from 8th August to 16th September.last_img read more

first_imgLunch is served at noon weekdays at the Simi Valley Senior Citizens Center, 3900 Avenida Simi. Donation is $5, or $2.25 for ages 60 and older. Reservations are due 48 hours in advance by calling (805) 583-6365. Lunch is served to Moorpark seniors at noon weekdays at the Moorpark Active Adult Center, 799 Moorpark Ave. Suggested donation is $2.25. Call (805) 517-6261. Meals include salad, whole-grain bread, fruit, milk and choice of yogurt, cottage cheese or cheese stick. Here is this week’s menu: Monday: Beef and mushrooms with pearl onions, peas. Tuesday: Boneless chicken fricassee, brussels sprouts. Wednesday: Chicken chow mein, broccoli, corn. Thursday: Lasagna with meat sauce, green beans. Friday: Turkey pot roast, Scandinavian vegetable blend. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

first_img“There are two scenarios, China or Japan, and each has its advantages,” he told Spanish radio Onda Cero overnight Monday.“There are some minor details to be sorted out, we’re weighing everything up and will pick which one we decide is the best option.”The Spanish midfielder added: “Next week, when everything is over, we’ll decide. Then, there’s the World Cup, I want to get this resolved so that I can focus.“One option is more advanced than the other…”Last week both China’s Chongqing Lifan and Japan’s Vissel Kobe, owned by Barca sponsors Rakuten, denied making big money moves for the Spanish star.Iniesta’s comments appear to rule out a move to Australia’s A-League which had been suggested as his preferred destination by Spain’s Sport website.Iniesta, a wine producer, has acknowledged that the economic aspect of the deal he eventually choses is “relatively important”.He is keen to expand his wine label from his native region of Castilla-La-Mancha into new markets.But he stressed that the over-riding factor was quality of life the new position would offer his wife and three children.Iniesta announced in April his intention to leave Barcelona at the end of the season – Sunday’s finale at the Camp Nou against Real Sociedad promises to be an emotionally-charged affair.0Shares0000(Visited 5 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Andres Iniesta hesitating between China and Japan for the next chapter in his storied career after the end of his 22-year love affair with Barcelona © AFP / Pau BarrenaMADRID, Spain, May 15 – Barcelona captain Andres Iniesta says he will decide “next week” whether to continue his decorated career in either China or Japan.The 34-year-old Barca icon is bringing the curtain down on his two-decade stay with the Spanish champions, with his last game for the club he joined at the age of 12 coming on Sunday.last_img read more